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Azqa asked 1 year ago

AoA I am 23 year Old Girl from Pakistan. I was approached by a Man for marriage who was an old classfellow of mine. I told my elder sister about it then I talked to him for a few months. I never touched him or did anything that was considered as Gunah. Then I told my Mother about him and I told her that Man wants to send proposal to my house so please consider him. My mother got worried that I will do things which are not allowed in Islam. I requested her that I like the guy please consider him atleast once and then I will bow to your final decision. When my mother told my father he got very angry and he said alot of things to me. He called me prostitute and said that I am a characterless woman as I crossed Allah\’s boundaries. He said if I ever talk about this matter again he will break his relationship with me and throw me out of house. He kicked me and pushed me away. My mother wants to marry me off to some other guy as soon as possible. Now My question is that is it haram in islam to like someone? Is it haram to have Nikkah when you have feelings for someone and don\’t wanna commit a sin? If it is sin to Like someone or Have feelings for someone before marriage and wishing to have nikkah with them then why are we humans built this way? We shouldn\’t have feelings in first place right? After all that my parents did to me it had scarred my heart so badly. My trust in them got shattered into tiny pieces. What am I supposed to do now? Islam says to do \”EHSAN\” With parents. Is staying unhappy and unsatisfied my whole life just for the sake of my parent\’s happiness while I will not be happy the \”EHSAN\” that Quran Teaches me about? Is it allowed for my patents to call me prostitute and characterless just Because they were angry that I liked a guy? I kept swearing on Allah and Quran Pak that I never crossed Allah\’s boundaries with that Man. I did what I thought was right. I told my elder married sister about this beforehand. I talked to the Man Within respect and limits. I am satisfied in my heart. But I keep questioning myself now that if Islam doesn\’t allow us to have feelings for any person then Why did Allah made us humans like that? Why did He make us wish to marry someone? Does Islam teaches us to sacrifice our own happiness, satisfaction, self respect for the sake of happiness of our Parents? What should I do now? Should I marry anyone my parents want me to marry without my own consent and happiness? I know I will be unhappy my entire life and my life will be ruined but what should I do? Is this the \”EHSAN\” for parents I was taught about in Quran Pak? Do I need to sacrifice my entire life for \”EHSAN\”?

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