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Shahid rizvi asked 2 years ago

I have been married now for about 10 months. My wife got pregnant and we lost our child after 6 months because my wife have disease which related to high blood pressure and because of that we lost our child.Now she has been treated by professional doctors to get back to her normal health. (Her disease got active after pregnancy). We have also consulted gynocology doctor and she said she have treated many patients with this disease and they have all got healthy children.My parents are now asking to marry me to another woman so I have children becuase they think it is good for my happy life. Without children I have no happy married life.My Question is that is that the right time to think about marrying someone else or my parents are thinking it wrong? I am happy with my wife and we have very good relationship.Also we have very bright possibility of having children with my current wife.

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