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Naved Shaikh asked 4 years ago

Assalam walekum 
My name us Naved Shaikh. My father h loan from bank and from past 13 years we are paying loan and from past 13 years we are paying that loan. From 11 years my big brother is paying that loan and now he is bankrupt. He couldn’t save anything or done anything for his family. He has 2 kids. The loan amount is still the same because my father had taken more loan on that. now I had adviced that we can sell off the property and get rid of the interest which we are paying for years. InshaAllah Allah will give barkat if we get rid of this loan and get free from interest and other debts. But everytime when i proceed for sale my father would interfere and don’t allow to sell. All the elders say that my father is doing right and we should pay the interest but i am totally against interes. 
please advise me what to do. Whether i am doing right or not going against my father for the sake of Allah so that We can get rid off the interests which is prohibited in Islam. We don’t want any money from my father nlr we wish something else. I just want to close the interest we are paying for years. 
Please reply ? 

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago

Walikum asalam,
You have very good thinking brother.
You should get rid of interest soon. 
Recite astaghfirulah as much as you can. 
ALLAH will surely make a way for you.
May ALLAH make it easy for you and your family

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