interaction in B/w spouses ' and ISLAM

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Abdul Basit asked 7 years ago

Assalam o Alaikum

such a problem most offen is using to come on screen that husband desires oral sex by his wife..
this curse is going to become common in new worst generation.
on the other hand i came to listen that this act may cause break of NIKAH
what Islam says for such an act.. ?
and how long this is true that this act results as break of NIKAH???

please answer concisely

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hammad kazmi answered 7 years ago

Walikum asalam,
dear brother abdul basit, oral sex in not considered a good thing in islam, because its linked to dirt etc (you know well what i am talking about) but the thing you heard that it will break nikkah is NOT correct at all. it will not break nikkah in anyway. so do not worry about it but its good to avoid this.

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