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Rameez Ahmed asked 3 years ago

AoA. My name is Rameez Ahmed and i work in NICVD Karachi as a doctor. I wanted to ask a question, suppose a patient dies under my care and he dies not because of my lack of attention but he dies because of lack of knowledge, what does islam tells us about it? It quite often happens to all we doctors and sometimes if a patient dies suddenly i start thinking that may be he died because i had not enough knowledge and command over my field. So if you could kindly help me in this regard. Thank you so much.

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 3 years ago

Walikumasalam Rameez,

Your work is to treat patient with all the knowledge you have but the only power that can heal is ALLAH.

if you are trying your best and still patient dies, Thats what it was in Qadar of person from ALLAH. there is no sin of that on you.


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