I am depressed

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Chand muhammad asked 3 years ago

Assalamu alaikum!
I am 18 years old boy from a middle class family from uttar pradesh, india.
When i passed 12th class, i did not know what to do. No one guided me. I could not decide anything what to do and what not to. I got admission in bsc don’t know why.
I thought to prepare for neet but i could not decide it and take it seriously and now i feel that i would have gone for it. Why i did not do it why i did not discuss it with brother that i want to be a doctor. There are so many memories where i start thinking that i am loser,i am capable of nothing i am good at nothing and these feelings and thoughts just keep on killing me inside. I am neither living nor dead. These thoughts just keep on triggering my head and leads to stress, intense headache, lost interest in the activities i used to enjoy, decreased apetite, waste of the present time, i cant even study nowadays and exams are coming for bsc.

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