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Ahmed asked 1 year ago

Asslam O Alaikum, my name is Ahmed I have some strong questions about intimacy.. Q1: I want my wife to Wear Sexy transparent, thongs, G string, Miniskirt or Crop Top Erotic cloths at night time for my pleasure? is is permissible for her to Dress in these types of Clothing? Q2: after teasing, pleasing and playing with wife in those cloths, can we Sleep in them? while Pleasing each other? Q3: My wife\’s Undresses at night everyday in bed, Is Looking at her Nude encouraging thing while her Sleep or wake? Q4: can we Bath with each other while nude or In Sexy underwear, Touching her body parts and kissing, Fondling her while bathing? is ithis Encouraged thing to do ? or is it Dislikable? Q5: Can she pose in sexy, laying her on Stomach, back or Legs open? Q6: Is all questions I have asked, these things are Encouraged to do or Dislikable? should I do them? for Pleasure cuz we are Husband and wife. Q7: I\’m Medically not well, Spinal issue, I can\’t bend down, therefore I can\’t shave my pubic hair on my own, Is it permissible foe wife to Shave it and can she be undressed while doing it obviously I get turned on because she have touch my Private part while shaving hair. Is is this permissible? Q8: Is it okay to Call her Sexy, hot Babe ? Is it Encouraged thing? Sexy chat with her on WhatsApp is allowed or not? Q9; while watching TV in Alone, in privacy, can she dress In sexy clothes in my presence while I touch her ? Q10: while buying Sexy underwear or Costume for wife, there Are pictures of Women in those clothes is it Permissible if tell my wife to order them rather than myself?  

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Admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Islam encourages mutual respect, love, and kindness between married couples. It also encourages modesty and chastity in dress and behavior. Therefore, any actions or behaviors that are immodest, inappropriate, or disrespectful to one’s spouse or to Islamic values should be avoided.

It is important for couples to have open and honest communication with each other about their desires and boundaries, and to ensure that any actions or behaviors are agreed upon and consensual. Islam also encourages physical and emotional intimacy between married couples, but within the bounds of Islamic teachings and values.

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