How to bring back husband on the right path

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Sak asked 4 years ago

I married a young man who was very pious in praying five times. Would fast and ay zakat on time. He still do. But i left the house for two weeks to visit my ill parents. And am very confused and scared of his suspicious behaviour. He didn’t want me to come back. Day after day i i discover other woman’s items in his backpack. Upon confronting he just threatens to kick me out. He has fallen into bad company which is promoting sins like taking drugs and cafe dances extra. I want to bring him to the right path. I do not concrete evidence. When the husband has strayed should we divorce them or wait for Allah to open their hearts to the path of tauba. I am very scared please help. Please

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Syed Hamad khalid answered 4 years ago

Asalamoalikum sister, 
Please recite tasbeeh of astaghfirulah daily and ask from ALLAH for guidance. 
When you will do from sincere heart, ALLAH will surely make him come to right path. 
When you give him food or water recite ayat ul qursi on it so shaitan don’t harm him,
InshaALLAH he will be on right path soon. 

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