Guilt is killing me

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Madiha Shahid asked 3 years ago

Salam ! Hope you are doing good. I have a question and I need you to answer as soon as possible. I have one best friend and we both are unmarried right now but we are on the stage of life to get married. She is having an affair and her boyfriend was about to send his parents in upcoming weeks. I didn’t like the guy since beginning because of his so conservative nature and too blunt attitude. A few days back I was being followed by an ID on Instagram and two days ago that id Started following my friend’s boyfriend which arouse a suspicion in my heart. I asked that lady that whether she know him or not and she said a yes and we talked for almost 45 minutes in which I told him that HE is going to send his parents and told my friend’s name while she texted me with the same detail that I am lying. Next day he texted my friend telling her that id was his friend and one of your friend has spoiled my image in front of my colleagues and all and now you will bear the consequences and all. I told my friend each and everything truthfully but she is pain because he is not talking to him properly and ignoring her. I feel guilty now I have apologized a several times to her even I have given my number to that guy so that he can also say whatsoever he wants to. I am praying and asking Allah for help and apologized to him as well. Kindly sir guide me what should I do to overcome my Guilt and How should I repent?

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