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Sheikh Usman asked 3 years ago

As Slam-o-Alaikum,         With due respect,I want to take guide from you on matter of witnessing sex between unmarried woman and man of age 25-30.I want to ask you that if we witness them talking about zina(sex) and have proof in form of screenshot,than what should we do.Should I tell their parents or let it go without telling anyone.If I should tell anyone from family than what is their punishmet.Or if I tell them secretly.Or what to do I dont know.Please guide me on this matter and if possible than give some examples from Hadees or Quran      I shall be very grateful to you. Sheikh Usman

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago


Brother in this case its important to talk to them in private. Tell them to do tobbah and its they should repent.

Keep pardah of their sins as ALLAH like it.

InshaALLAH ALLAH will reward you for your intentions in this matter.

If they still continue and that thing is damaging someone’s relation, you can discuss with that person about it.


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