Ghar me baap ka Fasad to unse baaton ka rishta tor dia jaaye

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Mojeebur Rahman asked 6 years ago

My father is a retired 64 yrs old man having 6 small child and the smallest is 12 yrs old , now he tells house talks to outsiders in colony and mosque its like he insults us and more he insults my mother always and says ye jo log izzat karte hain tumhari ye mere paise ke wajah se . And he was a bureaucrate in minister of islamic affairs of saudi arabia in benin west africa so he has properties and lakhs of money in bank and he earn money from rent and doesent even give money to family even when my 4th brother was in hospital last month and we didnt had money he didnt gave he was not even talking to him . So it hurts us and me personally i do baddua for him now that may Allah give him death to him and i dont even feel to talk to him because of his activities of ignoring and insulting own family.
Now i am 2nd son and 24 years and i like a girl to marry and my mom also like her but my fathen even in this manner is rejecting the girl, so i am thinking to forcefully do marriage .
Now pls tell me what to do in the marriage case and how to behave with him should i stop talking to him completely.
If Tariq jameel sahab can reply it will be more clear. Thanks

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

asalam o alikum,
aap apnay father keliye bad-dua nahi balkay unkeliye dua kijye kay ALLAH unkay dil ko aap keliye naram kar dain. agar wo ap par zulm kartay hain to iska gunah un par hai magar wo apkay walid bhi hain. so apko chayie kay jis had tak ho skay unki talakh batain bardasht karain aur ALLAH say dua karain kay wo unkay dil ko achay kam ki tarf phair day aur apka masla hal farma day
inshaALLAH everything will be fine

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