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Mohammed Birya asked 3 years ago

أسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته  My name is Mohammed I wanted to ask that how should I be certain that allah paak has forgiven my sins as I commit them on a regular basis I sincerely ask for repentance then fall into the same pattern of sinning again and again I cant get rid of it I tried giving sadqa and praying and asking for alot of forgiveness I don\’t see any door open towards allah I fear allah so much that I might get punishment anytime for being so ungrateful and commiting sins please advice or guide me I\’m very disturbed I\’m married and have 1 child and can\’t get rid of the other woman who is forcing me everyday to sin its been a few years this pattern has been going on and I also give my time to daawat and tabligh most of the time please help me a way out I sincerely want to follow allahs rules and Muhammed s.a.w footsteps very disturbed pls advice

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