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SHEIKH ARIF asked 4 years ago

Assalamualaikum Hujur,
I am residence of Bongaigaon, Assam, India. I am working in a company. I am facing huge family problem from the day I got married. I was married with my first wife due to conflict with my mother who threatened her to kill if she continues relationship with me. Due to fear she left me started avoid a me for almost 6 month. After 6 month I somehow convinced her to continue relationship. She start relationship with me but forcing me to leave my parents. I denied so she plan to divorce me. I had divorce recently with paying the mohar amount and married some other girl. But same thing is again being repeated by mother. She threatened her, use slang language. My present wife fear to stay with my parents as I do job in other locations. And my parents want her to stay with them. Maulana shab suggest me some way to solve this problem as I don’t want to take bordua from parents too

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago

Walikumasalam brother,
If your wife and mother cannot live together you should make a seperate portion at home where she can cook seperatly. 
Also recite astaghfirulah regularly. 
InshaALLAH your problem will be solved

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