Iter asked 3 years ago

Okey.. so Allah loves us humans. Why give us a choice ? Why give us a choice of good and bad and then put so much pleasure in bad. And watch us destroy our lives. Why watch us do wrong and just observe ? And why create the bad and then expect us to choose right ? What does he gain from it ?

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 3 years ago

ALLAH created jin and people so they can worship him. 
First thing you said is about choice, i will give you an example from life. 
If you study in college or university, do they pass you without study or exams or tests?
Ofcourse not. 
Same thing is here, ALLAH gave us a choice. Follow good and you will succeed. Follow bad and you will be punished. 
The attraction in bad things is its because of shaitan. 
He show us that there is more pleasure in bad stuff. 
So try not to follow his footsteps.
He created good and bad to test people that wi do right and wo do wrong. 
Good doers will be blessed and wrong doers will be punished. 
ALLAH need nothing from human. in Quran its clearly mentioned if you do good its better for your ownself.
Hope you got the point. 

Syed Hamad Khalid answered 3 years ago

You cannot harm or benifit ALLAH in any way. He is most powerful.
The question you asked is why he created us when he do not get any thing from our existence. 
Answer is simple. ALLAH subhana tallah said i created jin o ins so they can worship me. 
In ahadees its written about ALLAH that i was hidden and i wanted everyone to know me so i created all these creatures to worship me. 
ALLAH don’t need us. Its us who need ALLAH.
So ALLAH want you to remember him because he love his creation. 
ALLAH love you and us. Thats why he showed us right path. 
If you do good its for your own good. If you do bad then ALLAH is powerful, he is be-nyaaz.
Hope you got my point. 

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