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Sigh asked 3 years ago

In Dec 2019 a close relative who was very ill came to our home , me and my family took great care of that ill relative.  After few days the ill relative went his home back and suddenly the next day my father started vomiting,  as my father never used to be ill, me and my family worried a lot. This continued even after taking our father to every doctor. Then exactly after one year my father passed away. This thought haunts me day and night as the situation started worsening only after that ill relative came to our home. I always feel that ill relative bought his badluck to our home and also that ill relative is completely fine now. Please help me with your answer.

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Syed hamad answered 3 years ago


Dear, Life and death is always from ALLAH.

Time of death is written. a person can die even if his health is 100 percent if his time is written.

So its not in your hand to prevent anyone death.

Don’t worry about it.

ALLAH is the one who gives life and death.

May ALLAH forgive his sins and give him jannah.


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