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Muhammad A|wais asked 6 years ago

AOA, I want to ask regarding digital currency concept with respect to Islam…There are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the market in which people are spending and using as a medium of amount transfer plus their daily transaction…. In some countries, ATM machines are also installed which facilitate the end user….

Since we are moving in a technology oriented era so it is important to adopt such things…. So please guide us regarding this… As if I see the history, things are evolved from time to time like from barter to paper money, and paper money to plastic money etc. Your response in this will be highly appreciated.

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

walikum asalam brother,
ofcourse its no problem in using digital currency. example is simple if you go to makkah or madina from pakistan. you will not be able to buy anything from their with pakistani currency. you need to convert that money. 
but always keep in mind when you are storing your money as digital account online then you must also know that currency rate changes everyday.
so its better to check whats the  method of that service which is making that currency rate change. is it interest or they are spending in business ?
so in my openion using money online (digital currency) is not wrong.

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