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Hareem asked 6 years ago

Assalam o alaikum.
I am a normal shia girl and have a growing confusion inside of me. I am not an extremist shia. I dont support Excessive matam (bloodshed). I dont support cutting child’s head in the name of matam and other blasphemous activities shia do now adays. What I do is that I pray namaz differently than sunnis as in hand positioning etc. I pray maghrib and isha together unlike sunnis who pray them with a gap. Now I am confused that am I following the correct way of being a muslim or am I commiting sins by being a shia and doing things differently than sunnis? Or am I following the correct way while the sunnis are wrong? Please guide me.

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

walikum asalam sister,
the correct way to perform prayers are seperatly.  thats what we learnt from islamic books.
and its good to know that you are not hurting yourself or childrens on matams, instead you can feed poor people or help others on that day. thats teaching of our beloved imam hussain r.a.
and please follow the correct way by praying. fajar zohar asar maghrib and isha on their time. (Not together)

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