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Faisalwaris asked 5 years ago
  • Asslamualikum. I hope you are well. Sir i am muslim. I work as a software developer. I want to ask you a serious question. Please guide me because whatever you will suggest according to Quran and islam inshallah i will follow it.   So i met with a girl who is christian live in brazil country. We fell in love. Can we marry each other .she want me to come in brazil and marry with her. I explained her that we as a muslim also admit the prophet Jeasus peace be upon him as a prohpet of Allah but not as Allah not as the son of Allah. We believe and follow the hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him as a prohpet and last messanger of Allah. She do not know about the last prophet. And i do not think that she will accept islam . she send me 2 lack rupees for ticket to come brazil and marrt with her. I have recieved that money. This is whole story now you please guide me is it allow to marry with a Christian woman or not according to islam ? if yes then is it necessary to make her muslim after or before marriage? If not allowed to marry with a Christian then is it necessary for me to send her money back? If yes then how i can transfer it? because i confirmed here from western union and others they said they can not transfer money to foreigners. I did spend even a single rupees from her money. Only the money will be spend on the transfer rate while i will transfer it. Pleae guide me and give the answer of my whole questions. I will wait for your kind response.
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