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Sak asked 5 years ago

My sister in law was trying to force me to take a kasam of my husband’s head , i told her i wouldn’t tell anyone what she wants me to tell but i won’t do that. She kept forcing and in the end said that i have taken the kasam of my husband’s life and told me the secret amd that there is no going back. I really really didn’t do any neeyat nor was i willing. I just went quiet. Iin my heart i i nev pledged any promises at all. She is extremely bossy and i am extremely gullible. That’s why i went quiet. My husband amd i i we talking on that topic that evening but i wasn’t about to tell him her secret anyway. But he said that and appalled i told him that my sister in law have told me the same thing and have asked me never to mention it to you. He disregarded ot as he said i  never did any neeyat. 
Two days later my sister in law cake to know about the whole thing and accused me of breaking the kasam and how i i ha cursed my husband. 
What i believe is i never made that kasam in the first place. And technically i never broke it because my husband knew about it all along. 
I want to know please tell me is this possible to assert a promise or a kasam on someome who is not willing. And if it is how should i repent infront of Allah. Although i am a sinful human and i should nevertheless repent . Please ease my pain by reply. Jazakallah

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