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Assalamualaikum! Ek baccha tha jise uski man ne apni marji se apni bahen ko de diya jab yeh baccha Bada hua to uske step father ne usko bahut sara Pyar Diya aur usko apna naam bhi diya aur uske har chij per yani card per Ghar per har chij per apni waldiat likhvai lekin jab yeh  baccha Bada hua to use maloom hua ki main sari jindagi jis ko apna father manta Raha vah Mera asali father Nahin hai ab main Apne real father ka naam apnana chahta hun jab ke uske real father bhi aur uske step mother aur father bhi Allah ko piare ho chuke hain ab is baat ko takriban 45 years guzar chuke hain kya ab use bacche ko itna mushkil kadam Islam ke liye uthana chahie ya FIR sari jindagi aise hi gujare jis Tarah usne pahle gujari.?? Is mushkil baat ka Hal Islam ke najriya ke alava duniya bhi taur per bhi de shukriya..?  

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Wa alaikum assalam!

In Islam, the relationship between parents and children is highly valued and respected. Parents have the right to be honored, respected, and obeyed by their children, regardless of whether they are biological parents or not. Therefore, the child in the scenario you have mentioned should continue to treat both his stepfather and biological father with love and respect.

Regarding the issue of changing his name to his biological father’s name, it is not considered an Islamic obligation. However, if the child feels that it is necessary for his personal identity and emotional well-being, he may choose to do so, as long as he does not disrespect or dishonor his stepfather in the process.

It is also essential to remember that honesty and transparency are fundamental values in Islam. If the child decides to change his name, he should be honest and open with his family members about his decision and the reasons behind it, in a respectful and courteous manner. This will help to maintain family harmony and prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts.

In conclusion, the child should continue to honor and respect both his biological father and stepfather, and make decisions that align with his personal values and beliefs, without causing any harm or disrespect to his family members. May Allah guide us all to do what is right and just.

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