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saba asked 6 years ago

sir I m in a fix regarding the matter that i m an engineering university student and i m currently availing facility of hostel all was going well till my roommate offered prayer her method of offering salah was different but i donot paid much attention to this because in college i am in friendship with a shia girl whose method also differed from mine a bit.I donot discussed this with anyone but i was told by my other hostelmate that she is a aga kahani this made me furious. after that day i didnot made her feel but i stopped using her things but i never stopped sharing mine with her.Now the problem is that we hostel mates of our batch make tea together and she is also included by us as we donot want to made her feel miserable i refused her not to make tea for me twice.Now, the question is that how should i behave with her as we have to share room and i have to live with her for a large span of time.And also we use to eat our lunch and dinner in same plate is this appropiate. Also give references to your answers sir.
I will be very thankful if you help me to get out of this fix.

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Asalam o alikum sister,
if you are not comfortable all i can say is kay ap ahista ahista kinara kashi ikhtiar kar lain means door ho jayain (magar apnay ikhlaq hamesha ki tarha achay rakhiye ga) mainay bhut si jaghon par parha hai jahan agha khani islam ki tarf aa gyay hain. so ap uskay sath bartao acha rakhiye aur sath hi sath islam kay baray main usay btati rahyie.
kia maloom ALLAH usko ap ke zariye hidayat day de. aur apkeliye sawab ka zariya ban jaye

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