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Ayesha asked 1 year ago

Mera humbistri pa bht dil.krta ha but mera husband mery qareeb ni ata r room bi.alug kea hua ha ma kya krun mera bht dil krta ha  jis ke waja sa ma porn videos ke adi hoti ja rhi hn koi solution btyn

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Admin Staff answered 12 months ago

It is important to remember that watching pornographic videos is not allowed in Islam and can have harmful effects on one’s mental health and spiritual well-being. It is also not a solution to marital issues or lack of intimacy in a marriage.

As a Muslim, the first step towards finding a solution to this issue is to turn towards Allah and seek His guidance and forgiveness for any wrongdoings. You can make sincere repentance and seek forgiveness for watching pornographic content and try to avoid it in the future.

It is also important to communicate openly and honestly with your husband about your needs and desires in the marriage. Expressing your feelings to him and trying to find a solution together can be a productive step towards a healthier and happier marriage.

If the issue persists, seeking the advice of a trusted and knowledgeable religious scholar or counselor can also be beneficial in finding a solution according to Islamic teachings.

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