Man with light beard and Umar R.a

A man with a light beard was sitting next to Hazrat Umar bin Al-Khattab R.a and Hazrat Ali R.a. His eyes were sunken inwards and his tongue was engaged in remembrance and glorification. Hazrat Umar R.a asked him, “How did you do in the morning?” The man replied strangely, “I woke up in the morning in a state where I like fitna and hate the truth.”

And I pray without ablution and for me there is something on earth that is not for Allah in heaven! (Hearing this) Hazrat Umar R.a became angry and was ready to take revenge for the sake of Allah’s religion. He grabbed this man and started punishing him severely. Hazrat Ali R.a laughed and said: This person who says that he likes fitna means wealth and children, as wealth and children are called fitnah in this command of Allah Almighty: (Al-Anfal: 28) And dislikes the truth, it means dislike of death. And prays without ablution

This means sending Salat (Durood) to the Holy Prophet. Obviously, ablution is not necessary for Salat. And what he has said is that there is for him in the earth that which is not for Allah in the heavens, he means wife and children. Obviously, Allah has neither wife nor children. Need is, he has no children and he is not someone’s child and he has no peer. Hazrat Umar bin Al-Khattab’s R.a face shone with happiness and a smile spread on his lips and he swayed with happiness and said: Bad is the place where there is no Abul Hasan ie Ali bin Abi Talib R.a .