Thursday , 14 November 2019

Dua’s (prayers)

When Ever Troubles and sadness..

Whenever sadness, troubles and anxities overcome you, start reciting thisDarood Sharif and by its blessing all the adverse situations, and conditionswill get defused. Undoubtedly, its recitation will finish all troubles. Sal-lal-laa-hu  a-lai-ka  yaa  mu-ham-madnoo-rum  min  noo-ril-laah

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Don’t forget whatever you read

If you wish that you should not forget whatever you read, then recite this du’aa before commencing to read   Al-laa-hum-maf-tah  a-laiy-ya  fu-too-hal  aa-ri-fee-na bi-hik-ma-ti-ka  wan-shur  a-laiy-ya  rah-ma-ta-ka wa  zak-kir-nee  maa na-see-tu  yaa  zal-ja-laa-li wal  ik-raam  

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Prayer is the most powerful

Prayer is the most powerful way to achieve closeness to Almighty Allah.  It not only restrains us from doing anything sinful but also has multitude benefits, least of which is cleansing past sins. There is absolutely no doubt that human being is a ‘wrong-doer’. The best of priests and saints also seek God’s forgiveness for their sins. The more a human …

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