Saturday , 21 July 2018
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sab say bara gunnah konsa hai

Narrated Abdullah (RA): I asked Hazrat Muhammad p.b.u.h “What is the biggest sin in the sight of Allah?” He said, “To set up rivals unto Allah though He alone created you.” I said, “In fact, that is a tremendous sin,” and added, “What next?” He said, “To kill your son being afraid that he may share your food with you.” …

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Dil ka Roza pait kay rozay say behtar

dil ka roza pait kay rozay say behtar

Dil ka Roza pait kay rozay say behtar hai (hazrat ALI R.A). Hazrat Ali r.a ka ye qaul bhut gehri bat rkhta hai. aajkal log roza to rakh laitay hain par ye dhayan nahi rkhtay kay roza sirf pait ka nahi hota. balkay roza jism kay sab aaza ya hisoon ka hota hai. agar aik insan sirf apnay pait ko …

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O the people of Paradise

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri (R.A) The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Allah will say to the people of Paradise, “O the people of Paradise!” They will say, ‘Labbaik, O our Lord, and Sa`daik, and all the good is in Your Hands!’ Allah will say, “Are you satisfied?’ They will say, ‘Why shouldn’t we be satisfied, O our Lord as You …

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